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“You sculpt my thoughts” (quote of collector, Gouda/Netherlands)

The artist Anne-Claire van den Elshout produces her works in her studios in Pietrasanta, Italy and The Hague, the Netherlands.

Her work evolves around emotions and relationships between people and cultures. Abstract forms are being addressed as if they were human bodies. Different materials are used, all giving the viewer the feeling of warmth and personal belonging.

Whether her works are sculpted in black or white marble or cast in bronze, they give the viewer the sensation of being warm to the touch. Anne-Claire achieves what most artists aspire to: hard and rigid materials like marble and bronze show movement, softness and come to life! You literally feel Icarus flying away!

With her studies on ‘The Circle of Life’ Anne-Claire emphasizes the importance of the inter-relational spaces people and cultures are often faced with. How to nurture the space in between? How to make from two halves a whole? How to be alive!

The balance is to the essence. The ‘Circle of Life’ is not straight forward. It appears to be slant at times but stays upright in perfect harmony. Just right.

The viewer is being invited to interpret the space within. The arrival of new or the departure of old – the harmony we seek in our friendships, families, and societies.

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